How Breadth Marketing helped Padrino’s restaurants break record sales and achieve double digit growth on multiple KPI’s.


Padrino’s restaurants is a third generation collection of Cuban restaurants in South Florida. The pandemic had ravaged the restaurant industry and, not being an exception, the company had also been deeply affected by the situation. The restaurant group had great potential but lacked the resources to properly execute all marketing initiatives. This is not an uncommon scenario in the hospitality industry and in this age of digital marketing which requires a diverse set of skills and specializations which can only be accomplished by a large team. This of course can be incredibly costly and complex to manage. The company needed a team that truly understood their needs and their business to create a new strategy and plan that could catapult the company into steady growth and to the next level.


Breadth provided a cost effective solution by not only bringing a unique set of skills and over 15 plus years of specific experience in the hospitality industry, but also a team that could execute across all digital channels. It started by evaluating the foundation of the company, looking at each restaurant's numbers, evaluating technologies being used, team structure, vendors, current strategies and understanding every one of the company’s pain points; be that operational or marketing related. It is extremely important to get a full breadth of view of the business to then successfully create marketing plans that are aligned with the company's goals and objectives.

Together Breadth and Padrino’s team created an annual marketing plan in August 2020 which laid out detailed strategies, tactics and an organized calendar for implementation.

Breadth works as an extension of the team and really cares about the long term success of the company.


The plan has been executed and the results have surpassed expectations. The company has seen double digit growth on various KPI’s including sales, check average and guest count. Positive brand sentiment and awareness has also grown exponentially through the implementation of tailored content strategies that has helped position the Padrino’s brand as the best Cuban restaurant in Broward County. The Fort Lauderdale location was recently voted Best Cuban Restaurant. The Breadth team continues to implement an ongoing plan and is also working on launching their new website which is strategically designed to improve business results.

37% Increase in check average

38% Average Sales Increase vs. 2019 (pre-pandemic)

42% Increase in guest count

25% Increase in direct online orders